Film Combat Safety Certified

Just participated in an amazing, action packed and SAFE “Film Combat Safety Course” with the legends at Extra Specialists Group. Such a fantastic initiative this team is pursuing in order to ensure safe practices on set by actors and stunt actors in the safe use of firearms and combat tactics. Perfect training from instructors with real life experience that can make your acting be as real as posssible and provide you with confidence in your art.

I am now certified in and can perform the following:

  • Firearms Safety in Category A, B, C, D & H
  • Basic weapon handling safety precautions
  • Weapon fire positions and tactical maneuvers
  • Safe blank firing of firearms
  • Safe use of batons and riot shields
  • Safely restrain persons using handcuffs
  • Safe use of a fire extinguisher
  • Perform medical assistance on a trauma casualty
  • Work safely in wirework stunt performances
  • Perform basic stunts
  • Contribute to team effectiveness
  • Understanding of safely working on a film set through Risk Assessments
  • Communicate information to team members
  • Work safely and follow WHS Policies and procedures

Now I am ready to get on set….Bring it!

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